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sn.aperture: learning the lens, pt. 3

Today was our much anticipated portrait project, and it turned out great. I had a wonderful model named Matt who was very open to doing all kinds of poses and actions, and I think that I came away with some really nice shots of him. More after the jump...

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sn.aperture: learning the lens, pt. 2

More work from my photography course:

Don't be afraid to fill up the frame!

Use of the foreground :

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sn.aperture: learning the lens, pt. 1

Wow, I cannot believe how long it has been since I last posted. Life has been quite hectic, being overwhelmingly consumed with working odd hours, and fitting in wedding planning in between. As a 99% D.I.Y. (Do-It-Yourself) bride, my free moments aren't so "free" anymore, but are chock-full of crafting, contacting, consulting, and coordinating. So instead of bombarding the blog with washi tape patterns and crepe flower designs, I've been laying low a bit. Perhaps I will share some of my projects later if the spirit moves, but who knows?

Though the wedding has been keeping me busy, life hasn't been all work and no play. Max and I have been spending weekends enjoying the summer weather, having fun and eating good food! During the week, I have also been working on a very exciting project. Thanks to an awesome Groupon deal a few months back, a newly procured Canon T2i, and the adult art classes offered by The Visual Arts Center of Richmond, I have been able to delve into the wonderful world of digital photography.

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life.style weekends: behind the lens

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life.time: the past 30 days

Wedding Prep I
Wedding prep II
 The past month has been life altering to say the least. If you've read the "I'm coming home" post, you know that I proposed to Dig (and she said yes thankfully). A few weeks later my grandmother passed away. No matter what, I'll always have the memories she & I formed together before her time was done. She was a tough hard-working lady who earned everything she had; I'll take those principles and apply them towards achieving my goals: Rest in Peace Big Momma.

Check out that past 30 days in photos:
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life.style product: Warby Parker

Thanks to genetics, corrective lenses are a necessary to make it through my daily life. And being an ardent supporter of getting that extra sleep before heading off to work, I need some new frames so I could not depend so much on my contacts. Look no further than Warby Parker, an eye wear retailer, with very affordable frame & lenses combo: $95.

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shelf.life: free chicken tastes best

Yep, I got this beautiful bird absolutely free of charge! Even though I pride myself on finding the best deals, I must thank my younger sisters for putting me on to the freebie offers at Earth Fare

On my trip home, I paid a first visit to this wonderful organic food supermarket and fell in love. I'm all  for natural food stores that are customer oriented and quaint, but still offer a vast product selection. Though they are pretty much in line with other health food stores as far as pricing is concerned (translation = expensive!), I have to give them kudos for their savings campaign; by signing up for their email list, you will receive valuable freebies and coupons ever week. Because you can get your coupons immediately by signing up at an in-store kiosk, I couldn't pass up the chance to bring this freebie chicken back to Richmond.

After a little research, I knew I had to try out the highly acclaimed recipe for Roast Sticky Chicken-Rotisserie Style.

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