sn.aperture: learning the lens, pt. 2

More work from my photography course:

Don't be afraid to fill up the frame!

Use of the foreground :

 Still Life: The Apple:

After taking my photos in class, playing around with the settings, and actually reading the manual, I realized that I had the camera on a monochrome picture style setting the whole time. I knew that I was taking pictures and they all uploaded pretty dull in color, but I just couldn't figure it out. Now that I've realized my error (only weeks later!), I will hopefully have more of the vibrant photos that I've been yearning for.

Next class we will be focusing on portraiture with live models (so excited about that)! I took a few practice shots over the weekend with Max as my model, naturally!

The color looks better on these, no? Yes, I'm still learning!

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