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shelf.life: cooking with chorizo

I cannot resist a sale, even when grocery shopping. I walk down the aisles and those bright orange stickers just call out to me, begging me to buy and buy and stuff into my already packed freezer. I find myself digging through the freezer sometimes on those "I have nothing to eat" days and discovering a gem ingredient, as so happened recently with a pack of chorizo that has been chilling in my freezer for months.

I'll admit, I've only cooked with chorizo one other time as a filler in jambalaya, so my experience with the sausage is pretty limited. I scoured some of my fave online recipe-sharing sites and came across a highly rated recipe for Sauteed Potatoes with Chorizo.

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winter.wear: shawl sweater

With 90% of the US still being battered by winter's frigid wrath, there's time a plenty to get great wear out of your winter gear. And with many clothiers eager to introduce their spring/summer pieces, winter gear is available at great discount prices (20%-40% off).
I picked up this Polo Rugby lambswool patch sweater and I'm finally going to break it out tomorrow for Formal Fridays.
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Introducing {w3}t: what.we.wore.today

Here is our version of the WIWT (What I Wore Today for the uninitiated).

Dig and I spent Saturday looking for more deals and taking in the relatively good VA winter weather-no snow. With our opposing work schedules, the weekends are the moments when you should expect {w3}t: what.we.wore.today.

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second.hand account: trench coat

Max and I took some time out this weekend to explore some of the thrift stores in the city. We had expectations of catching hold of some of the better finds from people fitting in their end-of-year tax deductible donations, but unfortunately came away a bit empty handed. Out of the three shops we visited, I only ended up making a purchase from one (a much smaller-scaled thrift store which has been my favorite, by far, since moving to Richmond). It was a good day to peruse some of the pricier items since everything was 50% off that day. My favorite buy ended up being this London Fog trench coat:

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life.style resolutions 2011

{1}Shop what I got
the green dress by kandyjaxx, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic License  by  kandyjaxx 

{2}Wear red hot lips in public

{3}Do it better in heels...and show no pain
_MG_1788 by Shifteye, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic License  by  Shifteye 

{4}Introduce color to the curls

{5}Embrace classic femininity
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Welcome to Life.Style Coalesced. With this new venture we will kick-off a veritable catalog of our growth in all things creative. From style to crafts and more, you can expect to be inspired and entertained.

Of course with the arrival and gift of a new year comes resolutions. And what better way to kick of the blog than list.

  1. Increase knowledge of fabrics, industry terms, etc (inspiration from the Bonobos ninjas )
  2. Learn how to sew (Dig got me a sewing machine for Christmas)
  3. Sketch more consistently and better (To help foster my desire to design)

Looking forward you can expect an account of our thrift store adventures this month. I've read that January is a great month to look for finds due to a bevy of donating during the December months. Stay tuned people.

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