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Wedding Prep I
Wedding prep II
 The past month has been life altering to say the least. If you've read the "I'm coming home" post, you know that I proposed to Dig (and she said yes thankfully). A few weeks later my grandmother passed away. No matter what, I'll always have the memories she & I formed together before her time was done. She was a tough hard-working lady who earned everything she had; I'll take those principles and apply them towards achieving my goals: Rest in Peace Big Momma.

Check out that past 30 days in photos:

Thanks to the Valet Mag App, the task of finding a tailor here in Richmond, VA was a breeze. The "local concierge" section of the app directed me to Nimble Thimble, located in the west end of the city & the experience was peerless compared to another local tailor I tried. For the fellas, Valet Mag has some great tips, especially for starters. And the ladies can even get good gift ideas for the boyfriends/husbands.

Suit jacket tapering results

Suit tailoring results

Suit tailored & worn

Bow tie via The Cordial Churchman
 While back in Birmingham, Alabama, I received numerous compliments on this bow tie and even refereed my fraternity brother, who's preparing for his own wedding, towards Ellie's website: The Cordial Churchman. You'll be seeing this tie on me later. It's certainly on my list of favorite ties along with my Pierrepont Hicks navy wool tie.

Corter For Japan bracelet: 100% proceeds to relief efforts in Japan

Corter For Japan bracelet

 He sold almost 2000 bracelets. The exact donated amount is still being calculated. Check out his site & other leather goods he crafts: Corter Leather.

Richmond, Va caught a huge case of March Madness fever with the VCU Rams surprise run to the Final Four in Houston, Texas. Below is the scene along the Broad Street located campus just after the defeat of the #1 seeded Kansas Jayhawks. It's was literally crazy; Tear gas was used.

I turned 28 on March 17th, 2011: St. Patrick's Day. No celebration though due to a stomach ache I blame on a restaurant I shall not name on I-85 (that really narrows it down huh). Dig did treat me to some great gifts as you can see below.

 Say hello to Babs, my mom's Cocker Spaniel. She's such a nice doggy.

And I end it with a photo of my pre-duffle packing session which was just as chaotic as these past 30 days have been. 

I don't think I could ever see another 30 days like this again.

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Monica | April 11, 2011 at 7:51 PM

You have great style, Marco!!! And *squeals* congrats on the engagement!!!!! :). Sorry to hear about Big Mama but I know what she is proud of the man that you have become and the lessons she gave to you. :)

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