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Thanks to genetics, corrective lenses are a necessary to make it through my daily life. And being an ardent supporter of getting that extra sleep before heading off to work, I need some new frames so I could not depend so much on my contacts. Look no further than Warby Parker, an eye wear retailer, with very affordable frame & lenses combo: $95.

Conveniently Warby Parker allows you to request up to 5 frames for home try-on purposes. It took me 3 sets of home try-on frames to finally decide on a pair. Ultimately this option put at ease about choosing the Thatcher over the Winston which I may pickup in the future still.

Ultimately, I chose to purchase from Warby Parker because they're everything I look for in a company to support. All my fellow eyeglass wearers know that prices are exorbitantly high due mainly to middle men raising the prices, so Warby Parker avoids those to give you affordable, fashionable eye wear. Additionally for every pair you buy, a pair of glasses are donated to Restoring Vision to help those in need.

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