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I cannot resist a sale, even when grocery shopping. I walk down the aisles and those bright orange stickers just call out to me, begging me to buy and buy and stuff into my already packed freezer. I find myself digging through the freezer sometimes on those "I have nothing to eat" days and discovering a gem ingredient, as so happened recently with a pack of chorizo that has been chilling in my freezer for months.

I'll admit, I've only cooked with chorizo one other time as a filler in jambalaya, so my experience with the sausage is pretty limited. I scoured some of my fave online recipe-sharing sites and came across a highly rated recipe for Sauteed Potatoes with Chorizo.

I was drawn to the recipe mainly for its simplicity; only 3 very accessible ingredients were required (I also added the garlic, just because I add it to everything). I was also very curious to see how well this hash-like concoction would fair in a tortilla shell.

The directions were also very quick and easy:

  1. Remove casing from sausage and brown in a bit of olive oil; remove and drain
  2. Saute diced onion in the remaining sausage fat
  3. Dice potatoes and parboil for about 10 minutes
  4. Saute boiled potatoes along with onions
  5. Add cooked sausage back to pan and stir to incorporate
That's it! I spooned some on a corn tortilla and topped with a bit of shredded queso and a dollop of chipotle salsa. I must say, the results were very tasty.  In terms of texture, the potato and corn tortilla combo was actually not as odd as I expected it to be. The next time I catch some chorizo on sale I'll probably add some chopped peppers to the mixture, but otherwise won't change a thing. This one is a keeper!

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