second.hand account: trench coat

Max and I took some time out this weekend to explore some of the thrift stores in the city. We had expectations of catching hold of some of the better finds from people fitting in their end-of-year tax deductible donations, but unfortunately came away a bit empty handed. Out of the three shops we visited, I only ended up making a purchase from one (a much smaller-scaled thrift store which has been my favorite, by far, since moving to Richmond). It was a good day to peruse some of the pricier items since everything was 50% off that day. My favorite buy ended up being this London Fog trench coat:

I haven't been able to date it; it's in excellent condition, so I can't say if it's vintage or not. It is full length (I'm 5'5" and it hits mid calf), classic khaki with belted sleeves.

One of my favorite parts is the zip out wool liner, which makes the coat appropriate for late winter as well as spring. The major catch to the coat was that it was missing its belt, but hopefully I'll luck up on a good replacement.

The coat was originally marked at $24, but thanks to the weekend special I was able to make out with this classic piece for only $12! I definitely see this lasting as a wardrobe staple.
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Max | January 11, 2011 at 11:38 PM

I'm a little jealous that you out bargained me on our bargain hunting, but I do like your grabs.

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