winter.wear: shawl sweater

With 90% of the US still being battered by winter's frigid wrath, there's time a plenty to get great wear out of your winter gear. And with many clothiers eager to introduce their spring/summer pieces, winter gear is available at great discount prices (20%-40% off).
I picked up this Polo Rugby lambswool patch sweater and I'm finally going to break it out tomorrow for Formal Fridays.

Although it's composed of 100% wool, it's lightweight and makes a great option for layering over an oxford cloth button down or another choice shirt. If you've been popping the collar during those windy days, the shawl collar can do the job just as good as it covers the neck nicely. And with a single button-and-loop closure at the front of the sweater, you have an option for more coverage.
The leather patches on the elbow gives the sweater a vintage yet modern feel.

Tomorrow I'll post a few fit pictures,


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